With the shift to an online learning environment, rest assured knowing that eWalk can still provide you with an easy way to:

1. Collect data through virtual observations,

2. Provide feedback,

3. Reinforce best practices,

4. Coach your teachers to new heights.


You may be seeking answers as to how you can continue to monitor and assist your teachers through observations, let us use our experience to help you.

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How can eWalk help Administrators and Teachers while they work remotely?

Attach video of an online learning session as evidence to support any observation

Educators can also upload lesson plans, self-assessments and artifacts for coaching and/or evaluation purposes.

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Schedule and conduct post observation video conferences through eWalk

A new feature within eWalk, you will now have the ability to schedule and conduct post observation conferences and feedback/coaching sessions within this platform. eWalk will also track pertinent data from these sessions to allow you to track who you have spoken to.

Customize any of your templates to adhere to the new reality of teaching remotely in an online learning environment

We can build or will train you how to build and edit your own look-for templates. You can also take advantage of our library of PD, evaluation, and other types of pre-created eWalk forms.

Create and send surveys to teachers, students and parents

Use these surveys to check for understanding, ensure attendance, and more. Click Here to see how the survey tool works.

Take a research-based approach with help from our partners at McREL International

Built into eWalk, Power Walkthrough contains templates and frameworks based on McREL’s decades-long research and analysis of effective teaching and leading, including Classroom Instruction That Works, Classroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners, and The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching. Click Here to find out more.

We are here to support you through these uncertain times and will provide you with the platform you need in order to stay on top of your teacher growth initiatives


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