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For over 27 years, our focus has been and still is about supporting K–12 and post-secondary educators in the USA, Canada, and many other countries around the globe. In 2005, we developed eWalk for PalmPilot and Pocket PC phones to help administrators collect classroom data. Since then, the software and apps (available on iOS and Android) have advanced to make observing classrooms and conducting evaluations even easier.

We have a dedicated and experienced staff that is continually working to grow and evolve eWalk as the needs of leaders continue to change.

The combined experience of our teams include:

  • Developers and Programmers: 55 years
  • Partner Success Managers: 28 years
  • Support Team: 15 years

We pride ourselves in delivering a unique experience to our customers, whom we call Partners. Our goal is to provide the best product and we do it by working closely and listening to our Partners who come from public, private, charter, and religious schools of all sizes.. We are here to listen and support you in successfully using eWalk!

Over 5 million classroom observations have been conducted using eWalk. Contact us today so you can stop using the Google doc, Excel spreadsheet, or the paper and pencil version of your forms and start making your data collection and evaluation process simpler.

Media-X Systems was founded in 1996, which is now a proud part of the Harris Education Solutions family.


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