Make Your Teacher Appraisal Process Simpler


With The New Enhanced mVal for Ontario

The Preferred Teacher Appraisal Tool for Ontario Schools

Discover the new mVal, built with the strengths of our easy-to-use eWalk platform

• OnSIS Exporting / Importing

• Plan, Organize and Conduct Appraisals with Ease

• Fully supports NTIP, the Experienced Teacher Performance and the Principal Performance Appraisal process.

• Instantly notify Principals of all individuals needing appraisals with the new notification system.

• Collect Data with an iPad or Any Device with a Web-Browser

• Use for All of Your Staff Observation Needs, Formal and Informal

• Affordable Pricing


Save Valuable Time with Our New OnSIS Export / Import Tool

  • mVal now compiles all of the data needed to be sent to OnSIS instantly. Avoid wasting any more of your time compiling your reports manually.
  • The Appraiser Notification Tool will provide Principals with the list of teachers needing appraisals at the beginning of the year.
  • Principals will have access to the Incomplete TPA report, enabling them to easily add or adjust the reasons as to why appraisals could not be conducted on specific teachers.
  • The TPA Audit report allows you to see who has been appraised and who has not yet been.
  • Each of these reports can be exported as Excel files.

The new mVal makes it even simpler for you to plan, organize and conduct appraisals, ensuring that your appraisals are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

  • Enable electronic signatures on your appraisal forms to inform the teacher when an appraisal has been completed on them and is awaiting their review. When a teacher reviews and signs their appraisal, the observer and/or board level administrator is also notified.
  • Import or create customized comment libraries and use them during your appraisals.
  • mVal’s new calendar enables you to schedule your appraisals in advance and map out your entire appraisal process. It also allows you to integrate with your own personal calendars (Outlook, Google Calendars, Apple Calendars etc.).
  • The notification system within this platform will allow you to easily send reminder emails to Principals when approaching appraisal due dates to assist with organization.
  • mVal easily allows you to conduct observations on your non-teaching staff as well.
  • Specific access levels for Board Administrators, Principals and Teachers ensures data privacy.

A Complete Staff Observation System


Full support is available for summative reports, self-assessments, learning plans, portfolios, improvement plans, informal classroom walkthroughs and much more.

mVal is easily customized to requirements for all other staff groups as well including Educational Assistants, Professional Staff, Custodians, Education Support Staff, etc. mVal helps administrators complete informal observations or evaluations quickly with direct input from staff.

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