How to Teach Revolutionary Science With Simple Technology Examples

As of May 2013, work in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) accounted for more than 16 million jobs, representing 13 percent of all employment in the United States,according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual wage for STEM jobs was...

Academia Meets Real World: Classroom Lessons That Apply to Real Life

The most irritating but legitimate question teachers hear every day is “When will I ever use this in real life?” And though it is true that not everything students learn in school will have a direct application to their lives in the world outside the academic walls...

Sharing The Wealth

I have been very fortunate to have three of my assistant principals spend the past seven years with me. Recently one of my long-time assistants made the decision to change levels and move to middle school. Her desire is to be a middle school principal and when the...

Take Your Teaching to the Next Level With Digital Tools

Seventy-four percent of teachers say that technology enables them to reinforce and expand on content, according to a PBS survey. In fact, digital learning has become so popular in the workplace that February 17 is Digital Learning Day. Teaching in the digital age goes...

How eWalk Impacts My Evaluation

Recently my state has moved to a new leadership evaluation for school administrators. The new system consists of eight leadership standards for which I must provide artifacts and evidence to demonstrate my competency in each area. I am telling you this because over...

How Many Classroom Observations Are Too Many Classroom Observations?

Well, that is a relative question. How much money is too much money? How many cupcakes are too many cupcakes? How many 4.0’s in the senior class are too many 4.0’s in the senior class? There are never too many of any of those. The number of classroom observations is...

A New Approach to Accountability

Media-X partner, McREL, teamed up with student assessment developer, Measured Progress, on this White Paper detailing the call for a significant re-balancing of the formula that schools use to assess students. This paper details how utilizing curriculum-embedded...


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