McREL’s Research-Based
Personnel Evaluation System
for Educators

In partnership with McREL International, we are happy to provide the McREL Personnel Evaluation Frameworks within our eWalk platform.

Increase student success by taking a research-based approach toward growing the performance of your teachers and school leaders. McREL has provided their frameworks for Teacher, Principal and District Leadership Evaluations
to be used with our web-based platform.


  • Choose the framework(s) you require for your school/district.
  • Comprehensive training is provided by a McREL Education Consultant.

Teacher Evaluation

McREL CUES Framework for Teacher Evaluation

The McREL CUES Teacher Evaluation System utilizes the research-based instructional strategies from Classroom Instruction That Works, and is built around the premise that the primary job of teachers is to ensure high quality instruction for every student, every day.

Content: Reinforce teachers’ depth of knowledge
Understanding: Ability to deliver high-quality instruction
Environment: Create conditions conducive to learning for all students
Support: Use resources to inspire rigorous learning

The CUES framework strengthens teaching and learning by emphasizing the knowledge, skills, and abilities teachers need to make a positive difference in student achievement.

School Leadership Evaluation

McREL’s Balanced Leadership Framework for Principal Evaluations

The McREL Balanced Leadership, Principal Evaluation System is based on decades of research on effective school leadership and focuses leaders on improving practices that are linked with student achievement. The system helps principals identify opportunities for continued improvement, plans for professional growth, and helps to chart a course for principal improvement that is consistent, objective, and easy to report on and track.

The McREL Balanced Leadership, Central Office and Superintendent Evaluation System ensures that district leadership continues their professional development growth. Effective leadership means more than simply knowing what to do, knowing when, how, and why to do it. This evaluation system measures performance on the most important practices and gives specific recommendations for improvement on practices that leadership research has identified as necessary in order to improve the amount of learning that takes place in a school.

Conduct your Evaluations with our Online Platform

Separately or together, each of the frameworks above are available with our EmpowerED Suite, a system that is built on our eWalk platform.


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