Easily Identify Areas of Improvement within your Instructional Team

Combine goal setting, informal walkthroughs, self-assessments
and California’s formal evaluation process into one tool.
Discover the complete story of your educators’ performance and growth.

Provide Instant Feedback

When an observation is complete, instantly send it to the educator to help guide coaching conversations, prioritize PD needs and opportunities.


Adding additional templates is simple with this highly flexible tool. Utilize custom templates or choose from our database of pre-created templates to adhere to your district’s specific strategies and PD goals.

Teacher Evaluation Frameworks for California

Utilize a custom framework or start quickly with an existing teacher evaluation model, including McREL, Danielson and Marshall.

Create and Securely Share Reports with Your Staff

Create focused and customized reports on specific teachers, teacher groups, non-instructional staff, school safety initiatives or any other measurable opportunity for growth within a school or district.

Join the thousands of other schools and districts currently using eWalk to lead their teachers to new heights








Built for California

To simplify your teacher evaluation process, eWalk can automatically calculate the final summative scores, based on multiple rounds of observations. It can then produce the district’s evaluation data in the format required by the NJ DOE and NJ SMART for not only teachers, but all staff members.

Flexible Evaluations in the Covid Era

Make teacher evaluations simple in these “unsimple” times. With eWalk, your teaching staff can easily collect artifacts and conduct their portfolio evaluations in a secure location. Administrators can access these portfolios and ensure completion across the school and district.


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