Location: Douglasville, Georgia
Number of Schools: 33
Total Number of Students: 25,500

Douglas County Transforms their School Culture with eWalk

The Douglas County School System has been using eWalk since its infancy, back in 2008. Dr. Sean Kelly shared some information regarding his observation strategy with eWalk while he was the Principal of Chapel Hill High School in 2015. He has since moved on to become the Executive Director Curriculum & Instruction at the Douglas County School System.

“Virtually everything we do to develop, implement and monitor improvement initiatives is done using eWalk.”

Dr. Sean Kelly

Executive Director of Curriculum, Douglas County School System

The Challenge

Douglas County School System was looking for a better way to monitor all staff initiatives. Dr. Sean Kelly described:

“We wanted to be able to intelligently answer the question, ‘What is happening in your school.'”

Dr. Kelly is very passionate about the effectiveness of regularly conducted classroom walkthroughs and reinforces this statement by proclaiming, “The most important thing we do is visit classrooms and provide meaningful feedback to educators”.

They did not want their professional development initiatives to fade over time and therefore needed a solution to keep them organized and on track.

The Solution

eWalk has assisted by substantially improving the staff monitoring process. Dr. Kelly proclaims, “eWalk has been the vehicle by which we have transformed the culture of our school.”

What results did you see?


Dr. Kelly hit the nail on the head when he explained, “There are no (absolute) final results. eWalk is fluid and evolves with us as our needs evolve.” When it comes to anything involving professional development, it never ends. Dr. Kelly demonstrates this by revealing, “I learn something new about my students and my teachers each time I visit a classroom. The conversations that have resulted from walkthroughs have proven to be invaluable.”


eWalk provided this school district with a platform to build customizable data collection templates that focused on information relevant to their students, teachers and their schools.

Referring to the original question of “What is happening in your school?”, as Dr. Sean Kelly puts it: “eWalk allows us to intelligently answer that question.”

Find out what eWalk can do for your school:

eWalk is an Extremely Flexible, Fully Customizable, Web-Based Teacher Growth Platform


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