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Media-X Plays Santa this Christmas

Media-X Plays Santa this Christmas

Once again, Media-X will be providing gifts this Christmas to a needy family for the 2014 Christmas Hamper. Tomorrow morning (December 24th) the Media-X Santa Claus will be visiting this family of 7, 6 of whom are children, to share a bounty of presents donated by...
Getting Started With iCoach

Getting Started With iCoach

Welcome to iCoach.      If you are a first time user and are unsure of where to start, this guide will point you in the correct direction. Upon completion of this text, you should possess the knowledge needed to upload a video, send and receive invitations...
Video Games in the Classroom

Video Games in the Classroom

Today’s children and young adults have grown up with video games, and according to Psychology Today, approximately 99 percent of American boys and 94 percent of American girls play them regularly. Video games have become a nearly ubiquitous aspect of home...

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