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VideoWhen it comes to professional learning, peer feedback is powerful. However, it is often too difficult to have an audience of your peers with you in the classroom. iCoach has a better solution.

iCoach provides a simple way to harness the power of video for instructional coaching, classroom observations, peer feedback and competency assessment. It is a completely private system that allows you to invite feedback, including time-stamped comments on video or audio files that you upload to your iCoach account.

iCoach works on its own, or with Media-X’s eWalk system to easily align comments to a professional framework, evaluation criteria or standards of practice. This easy to use web application is available in English, Spanish and French.

iCoach presents you with the ability to categorize, share and master-code video and audio files to provide examples of practice. The system can be deployed for small work groups and schools or across and entire enterprise. Video opens up a world of possibilities. Harness it with iCoach. We can show you how easy and powerful it can be.

iCoach in Action

I used iCoach and eWalk for a project and got great results!! A striving teacher who was on a type of probation really made HUGE growth over a short amount of time. We got student test scores back and her composite scores were the top of the grade level. 

Donna Martin

Program Specialist, Guilford County Schools, North Carolina

iCoach Provides a Simple Way to Harness the Power of Video for Instructional Coaching

cameraCapture Your Classroom Video

Simply record your video with any video camera or smartphone and upload it to the iCoach system. iCoach supports the majority of video types.

Uipadse iCoach on Multiple Platforms

Utilize iCoach with your computer or with your iPad/iPhone with the iCoach App for iOS. Film your video with your mobile device and quickly upload it, all with the iCoach mobile application.

happy emoticonGet Valuable Feedback With Peer Review

Send requests to your peers to allow them to watch and review your video. Peers you select can then make comments and recommendations.

pencilCustomize Your Coaching

Create a customized form to go along with your video review. Pair any video with any form and standardize your feedback process. Reports can then be created from any form, enabling you to track your development process. This option requires an eWalk license.

The iCoach Interface

iCoach has an easy-to-use, intuitive layout that makes it easy to get started quickly.


Scroll down to view an explanation of the highlighted features of this interface.

A Familiar Video Player

The iCoach video player is very similar to the majority of current web video players. Once a video is uploaded, it can be viewed on this video player. Peers can use the Strength, Suggestions or Comment buttons to pause the video and provide feedback, which is then displayed in the comment section beneath the video player.

Create Time-Stamped Comments for Video or Audio

This is the comment section of iCoach. Each video comment is time-stamped and categorized using your own category names and colors. Clicking on the comment jumps to that spot in the video or audio file. Teams can work together to comment on the same media file.

Attach a Custom Template to a Review

iCoach can function on its own or with our eWalk system. Here you can attach any eWalk template available to allow the reviewer to align their feedback to professional frameworks, standards, rubrics or other criteria.

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