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Media-X is the developer of the MXWEB® platform and the evaluation and assessment applications that run on it such as eWalk®, iCoach®, eTeacher®, mVal® and the Marzano Gradebook. Our FlipForLearning™ software provides a video-based environment to support flipped learning by teachers around the world.

Our focus is supporting K-12 and post secondary educators in the USA, Canada, the UK, Latin America and many other countries with robust web-based, mobile-connected solutions. Our offline and web-based apps run on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, Windows 8 desktops and tablets as well as Android phones and tablets.

Our software is deployed across major school districts and universities. We have powered large-scale state and provincial projects in the areas of teacher, principal and administrator evaluation, classroom observations and walkthroughs as well as student report cards.

Media-X works with a variety of content and technology partners to provide integrated solutions. Our system is licensed by leading education consulting and research companies. Media-X applications can work as an independent software service, or as part of an integrated solution within an organization’s IT infrastructure with support for LDAP, Google, PowerSchool, RMUnify, etc.

We have a dedicated team of developers, support specialists, training and sales staff who work directly with our clients to meet new or highly customized requirements. Our products provide maximum flexibility for educators to configure modern rubric-centered evaluation and appraisal systems in a web-based environment with full support for mobile connected users.

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