I have fallen in love. Literally, wholly and completely. And so have a lot of other people here…or maybe it was just a late lunch.

You may already be familiar with our custom of Friday lunch here at Media-X. We haven’t written about it for a while but would like to start that up again because a lot of people have commented that they missed hearing about it.

If you are not familiar with our practice, I suppose some background is called for at this point. Our boss likes us and, let’s face it…we are spoiled. We work hard and our business is often totally nuts. Because we have such different tasks at work, it tends to divide us as a team. Steve`s goal was to make sure that we stayed together. We work better when we support one another and an easy way is for all of us to come together once a week for lunch.

Now, one would say that we could easily just all bring our lunch and just sit together… but that plan didn`t seem to work out because it just wasn`t enough of an incentive for most of us to leave our desks. Sometimes it seems we need a crowbar to accomplish that.

What we do is divide the complete staff up into four teams. Then we make a three month schedule with the rotating teams and note all staff birthdays and important events. Each team is responsible to plan, shop, cook and clean up after a lunch for the whole staff. We have a budget that we must play within. We can “borrow” the unused portion of another team if we have something really special planned.

Sometimes we are so busy creating awesome new features or products for you lovely folk that we cop out and just order something in like pizza, but most of the time we actually cook. We have run the course from simple things like sandwiches, homemade soups, hamburgers, chili, and pasta dishes all the way up to roast beef, seafood feasts, and even complete turkey dinners. We have a birthday cake and embarrass the person by singing to them when those occasions pop up.

Which brings me to my new love. Sometimes lunch is a tad late because of competing work pressures. That happened recently. So someone thoughtfully put out a large bowl of what we decided has to be the most perfect food ever (of course it could also simply have been that we were all just starving at that point since lunch was late and the smells coming out of the kitchen were driving us crazy!) Wow. The perfect combination of sweet and salty. One of those things that is really hard to stop once you get started. I am, of course, speaking of the famous Chicago Style popcorn. What a total epiphany!

I have fallen in love. Literally, wholly and completely


You can make it, but I will admit that we just bought ours. Here is a great link explaining the history of Chicago style popcorn and telling you how to make it: soursaltybittersweet.com/content/chicago-mix-popcorn

So, we`ll take Bieber back if you keep sending us popcorn… really…