I am currently travelling in the south of France (Mirepoix) and before I left, I created a ‘travel template’ using eWalk which has items to record things like: ‘what to see’, ‘where to eat’ and  ‘How to get there’. On top of this, I even have an item for ‘notes about this place’.
Then I created a ‘walkthrough’, on the handheld I was taking with me for each place I wanted to visit, and I recorded the information including a picture of a close up of a map showing how to get there.  By creating these pre-filled out forms I did not have to take the heavy travel books I used for my research or a computer to surf the web for information.  Everything was on my iPad or cellphone.
Each day of my vacation, I open the observation pre-filled for the place I want to go.  I even use the device  with eWalk to take photographs and record any pertinent information. In the past I didn’t know where some of my photos were, but using eWalk as a travel companion I had a record of everything.