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Customer Satisfaction Survey: Go2.MX lets you build great surveys with a couple of clicks. Start with an eWalk template, select your options and publish!

Is great teaching the key to raising student achievement? Absolutely!


This is the message we hear over and over again from our customers and partners in the US, Canada and
the UK . But knowing what great teaching looks like, or helping good teachers improve is something that requires a very individualized approach. The schools, agencies and districts we work with are always looking for new ways to customize and streamline their processes.


As eWalk becomes a much more powerful tool for creating mobile and web-based data gathering forms and managing complex evaluation systems, our customers have asked for greater integration of video and surveys. Furthermore, integrating eWalk with third party products such as Power School and Google Apps has also been requested. Not surprisingly, they want everything to work together and be easy, easy, easy.


Okay, we get it. Oh yes, don’t forget affordable. That’s important too!


Our response is MXPlus – a tightly integrated bundle that features eWalk®, iCoachâ„¢ and Go2.MX®.
If you’re already using eWalk, the MXPlus bundle provides a new set of tools for surveys and video-based coaching or observations, making use of your existing eWalk templates, reports. You can add easily add new views to support Go2.MX and iCoach, or integrate survey and coaching reviews into your existing processes.


If you’d like to see MXPlus in action, please give us a call or send an email to so we can  arrange an online demo or set up a trial account so you can test the system for yourself.


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User teacher created videos for coaching and feedback wit iCoach. Attach any eWalk template for detailed comments aligned to any framework.