The beginning of a new school year brings many new opportunities to your school. The new school year brings new teachers, new students, new initiatives, and often new opportunities to learn and grow in your profession. Among the many opportunities for us this year was the first full week of school and the official beginning of our walk-through visits.

In our school, each administrator is expected to conduct at least ten walk-throughs a week. Some weeks we meet our expectations. Some weeks we do not. Some weeks we may even exceed our expectations. Fortunately, this year we got off to a good start.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.35.43 AM

The graphic organizer that is on the whiteboard in my office showing the Walkthroughs completed this week.

 The chart shown in the image to the left allows me to monitor our walkthrough program and ensure we are visiting our classrooms as expected. This chart holds us accountable for getting into class rooms and observing our great teachers as they work with our students. Walkthroughs are so important to what we do, that it is the first thing we discuss during our administrative meetings each Monday.

As you can see, we did pretty well the first full week of school. Our Walkthrough program afforded us the opportunity to visit 65 classrooms. 65 opportunities to experience learning in our school.


When do you ever have 65 opportunities to do anything?

ï‚· 65 opportunities to experience learning in our building

 65 opportunities to spend time with teachers and students 

 65 opportunities to build relationships 

 65 opportunities to build trust 

 65 opportunities to identify expert teachers 

 65 opportunities to provide support 

 65 opportunities to provide accurate information to parents 

 65 opportunities to monitor instructional initiatives 

 65 opportunities to ensure our school year gets off to a great start 

 65 opportunities to develop professional learning 

 65 opportunities to talk with students 

 65 opportunities to provide meaningful feedback to teachers 

 65 opportunities to create professional dialogue 

 65 opportunities to develop teacher leaders 

 65 opportunities to encourage teacher reflection 

 65 opportunities to influence positive change 

 65 opportunities to improve our school 

 65 opportunities to support our school mission and vision 

ï‚· 65 opportunities to make a difference in the lives of young people

When do you ever get 65 opportunities to do anything? When you commit to visiting classrooms and participating in your school.

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