I get a chance to speak with a large number of our eWalk users over the course of a week and during those conversations we sometimes hit a point moment in the conversation where the user says:

Oh! I didn’t know you could do that! That makes my life so much easier!

If you know anything about our company, you know how important it is to us that our applications help you and make things easier for you. Our clients lead busy, successful lives and we don’t want anything to stand in their way.

I thought I would take a moment then today, and share the top five things that consistently seem to fall under the radar for eWalk users and that just might make your life a whole lot easier.

You can save your reports in eWalk

Yes, that’s right. Any report that you run in eWalk and all the filter options that you choose, including the date range, all of these things can be neatly saved and then reloaded instantly the next time you need them.

Save and restore any of your reports in eWalk.

Save and restore any of your reports in eWalk.

You can start a walkthrough on the web and then keep working on it on your iPad

Yes, it’s true. If you are using the eWalk 2.0 client for iPad, click on the Manage button. There you will see any walkthough that you’ve previously done on the web. The blue circle to the left indicates that it is a web walkthrough. Simply tap on the walkthrough you want to work on while using your iPad. The circle will change to green to indicate that the walkthrough has now moved to your device. You can now take it with you and work with it offline, when you are done, click the sync button and upload the results to the web. Neat!

You can filter your reports using any drop down element

In the past, eWalk provided you with two custom spots on your template that allowed you to filter your data via custom value lists. If you take a look at Filter 1 and Filter 2 now, you’ll see that they not only give you access to your value lists, but they also give you the ability to filter your data via any drop down element you have in your template. This is true not only for new templates but any existing template in the eWalk. You have a whole new way to organize and analyze your data!

Filter your reports by any drop down list.

Filter your reports by any drop down list.

eWalk works very nicely on a mobile web browser

While we provide custom Android and iOS clients for eWalk, we also have a great amount of love for other mobile platforms. This is why we’ve taken pains to make eWalk look and feel great on the majority of mobile browsers. If you use a BlackBerry tablet or Windows RT tablet, you should find that you can have a great mobile experience with eWalk right from the built in browser for those platforms. If you’d like to see specific mobile clients for those devices, give us a shout at info@media-x.com and let us know!

You can add pictures to your mobile Walkthroughs, but did you know you can also capture sound?

Not only can you capture and attached pictures to a walkthrough, but also fully support the recording and attaching of sound files. We have a lot of clients using this to capture a portion of the lesson being taught in the classroom, keeping running spoken notes or simply recording the ambiance of the walkthrough to help them remember details later. Great ideas!

If you can think of any other things that eWalk does to make your life easier, please share them with everyone below or send me a note on twitter @mediaxsystems or by email robert@media-x.com.