At Media-X Systems we  try to do our best to be responsive to client needs and requests for enhancements to our products.  In many cases, it’s been suggestions from users that have lead to our most popular new features.

In December, we added several features and refined others in our most used and popular products. We also introduced some new applications.

In Ontario, many users now have access to electronic signatures on their Teacher Performance Appraisal and Principal Performance Appraisal forms and documents, making the approval and storage process paper-free and streamlined.

Electronic signature options are now available for mVal to streamline approval and storage options.


eTeacher, our web-based reporting system, now has added support for new mark categories in the report cards from the Ontario Ministry of Education. We also implemented the Secondary Growing Success report card templates which are now available.

For users of  eWalk, there are many new changes that have recently been introduced for all users.  We have upgraded most of our reports including the Overall Template Report with enhanced graphs and charts.

We have also started to roll out our new eWalkPLUS, which extends your eWalk program with access to summatives, learning plans, self-assessments, improvement plans and more! In fact, you can take any eWalk template and categorize it with a couple of clicks to add properties, permissions, etc. This allows you to extend an informal walkthrough process, with more formal assessments of teachers, principals and non-teaching staff.

eWalkPLUS also allows you to publishing your collection templates with public web links or QR Codes for surveying purposes.

We are most excited however about our newest program iCare, which was created in response to needs expressed for better, more accurate tracking of bullying incidents.

iCare is a student-driven reporting application which empowers kids and youths with a way to easily submit issues and get help where they need it, and when they need it.

Main Menu (Home) from the iCare app running on Android. (It is also available for iOS devices and soon, Windows 8 Phone.


We are currently looking for Pilot schools that would be interested in trying out the iCare application in the new year.  Please contact if you would like information on how to become a Pilot location.

If you have feedback on any of our programs or suggestions on how they can better serve your needs, we welcome your feedback at