Location: Renton, Washington
Number of Schools: 28
Total Number of Students: 15,000

Renton School District Sees Dramatic Results from eWalk

We began working with the Renton School District in 2013. Renton School District’s former, long-time Technology Facilitator, Chris Allen, was kind enough to relay his findings in detail:

“We are now in the middle of our (6th) year (with eWalk) and the principals are very happy with its ease of use.”

Chris Allen

Technology Facilitator, Renton School District

The Challenge

“Back in 2011, the district was using paper forms and clipboards to conduct classroom walkthroughs. These “Piles” of forms would have to be inputted by someone and compiled across the district. We generated lots of information. Unfortunately, none of it was timely.”

The Solution

“Some of our senior staff saw eWalk and we bought licenses for the building admins. The results were dramatic. Through the reporting tool, we were able to see district-wide data and (were) immediately able to compare any school with any other school and/or district-wide data.”

What results did you see?


“As the District Technology Facilitator, I began to noodle around in eWalk to see what else was possible. I taught myself the basics in a very short time. A year later, we were finishing up our own homegrown version of the state mandated Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP). I took a look at it and realized that we could easily convert the paper process of TPEP into eWalk and have a much more robust and reliable platform. We purchased building licenses for the entire district and I was able to create all the forms over the summer and launch the pilot at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, we added our office staff/para-educator evaluations to eWalk last year.”


“I began to look at our other processes and wondered what else could be “eWalk-ified?” I have since created behavior tracking forms, instant assessment and feedback forms for our music teachers, and tracking forms for my department to keep track of who we serve and what we do throughout a typical week.”

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