Have you ever found yourself completing your report cards, summative forms or walkthrough records or IEPs and typing the same thing over and over and over again?

After typing “she has great classroom management skills” or “he shows great initiative in looking for ways to improve” for the 5th or 50th time, you should  consider creating  a comment library for yourself.

The Comment Builder in MXWEB lets you create an organized library of comments that can used on any report or form with the insert comment button.  Libraries can also be leveled to give you rubric-style comments for quick and easy differentiation when completing report cards.

<src=”http://www.media-x.com/blog/wp-uploads/2013/01/commentlibrary.jpg” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”327″ /> Easily insert common language into your forms and reports.


With support for up to six comment levels, folders for organization, filters, codes, name tokens and pronouns….there isn’t much you can’t do with the Comment Library. You can use comment libraries now in eTeacher, mVal and in eWalk, when editing or completing a walkthrough on the web.

Create custom comment libraries for reuse in your mxweb account.


You will soon also have the ability to send your libraries to your mobile device for completing walkthroughs and forms on the fly. Just create a phrase library and it will be available through eWalk in the new version to be released in February.

For more info on how to create your own comment library, you can check out our Quick Guide to creating your library here.