In my book ‘The Essential Guide to Classroom Walkthroughs’, there are case studies of successful implementations of classroom walkthroughs and classroom observations described, as well as references to the research on classroom walkthroughs and observations by some of the leading experts in the field.  These experts include, among others:
  • Shirley Hord, Scholar Emerita at the Southwest Development Laboratory,
  • Principal Ruby Payne,
  • Todd Whittaker,Professor of Educational Leadership, Indiana State University and others.
The book describes the components of effective walkthroughs and the most effective ways to use them to identify opportunities for improving and measuring the effectiveness of staff development efforts.  Whether or not a teacher’s behaviour is reinforced or improved depends on how far the observed data makes it through the feedback loop, and the book explains how to build, conduct and analyze classroom walkthroughs and classroom observations. The infographic ‘6 Steps to Better Walkthroughs’, displayed below, summarizes how to successfully implement this important tool.


If you are interested, you can find the book here at the Media-X Store.