Tracking the Common Core Standards for the students in your class has the potential to be a very onerous task. But here at Media-X, we are creating templates for the Common Core Standards of each grade. To-date we have Common Core State Standards for Math and English grade 1 and in the coming weeks we will have the rest of the Common Core State Standards available for use in eWalk data collection templates.

We have 3 types of templates for Common Core State Standards.

The default basic type allows an administrator to record the standards observed in a typical classroom walk-through.

The “peoplelist” option is for a teacher to use in recording whether or not the standards have been achieved by each of the students in his or her class.

This variation, again using the “peoplelist” allows a teacher to rate the mastery of each standard for each of the students in the class. The rating scale that we are currently using is mastery, near mastery, and remedial.

Please view the video and notice that there are 2 screenshots of reports which show how the class is doing with one of the Common Core Standards and how a particular student is doing.

If you are interested in us sharing one or more of these templates with you please contact us and let us know which grades and subjects you’d like.

Of course you could author your own common course standards template and the video might give you some ideas.