Hello Fellow Team Member: 

Hope all is well with you and your loved ones!

In preparation for our return to school, use the following information to guide your work.

Please be reminded to find the attached evaluation resources from the Accountability Department to be used for training of all your returning staff (NJQSAC-Personnel): 

  1. Challenges and Celebrations of the Evaluation System Visual Chart Summarizes the areas of challenges and success of implementing the evaluation system.
  2. Observation Evaluation Memo Outlines the major timelines used throughout the school year to keep the evaluation process on course for success.
  3. Observations Report Quality Rating Rubric Delineates a process to producing high quality classroom observation reports.  Considering our remote learning and virtual evaluation elements, hold steadfast to these viable practices.
  4. Required Training Resources:

AchieveNJ requires an annual refresher for all teachers and administrators.  This information must be shared via training session with all returning staff on your designated Professional Development day.  Secure the signatures of all staff members on your school/department staff roster along with signatures to ensure evidence of their participation. Keep these signatures of participation on file for your school/department.  Training shall be provided on each component of the evaluated teaching staff member’s evaluation rubric before the evaluation of a teaching staff member.” ~NJAC 6A:10-2.2

Access to Media X is predicated on the completion of training. 

Click the links below to view training videos on the new Media X eWalk interface:

Admin/Observer Training Video

Staff/Observee Training Video

  1. Visit and review the Accountability Department webpage for information on the evaluation system:  http://www.paterson.k12.nj.us/11_departments/accountability.php Resources for training registration for newly hired staff member is available and an overview of evaluation system is available on this webpage for your staff during the school year.  All trainings will be conducted remotely. 

Note: All  new staff members must be trained prior to being observed and/or being able to conducting observations.  Use this webpage to register today, if you have not attended New Teacher Orientation.

6. New Teacher Evaluation Guidebooks and New Administrator Guidebooks for the 2020-2021 School Year will be mailed to those who participated in the New Teacher Orientation.    If there are any challenges during this process, feel free to contact accountability@paterson.k12.nj.us 

  1. All District Evaluation Advisory Committee Meetings will be held remotely. Further information is forthcoming.
  2. All rubrics continue to be accessible vis the Accountability webpage.  There is a new Art Rubric available for use in 2020-2021SY. 
  3. Upcoming:  The status of your staff member’s rating from the prior year will be communicated via your Principal Drive.  A notification will be sent to confirmation dissemination.

Please know we are here to support your continued endeavor toward excellence!

Your time, attention, and most of all, your diligence is appreciated.


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