My feet hurt.

I am standing in a room that is quite beyond definition.  The convention hall here at FETC 2013 in Orlando stretches on and on, far into the horizon.  It may have no end.  The provided floor map edges are bordered by elaborate depictions of sea monsters and  chasms.  I met a ragged man who claimed to have seen the wall on the other side of the room.  He spoke of exotic spices, silks, and booths made of gold.  He died in my arms from exhaustion.

I took his shoes.

A major highlight so far was meeting the folks from “Minno“.  We had a chance to talk with Tim Conners and Chris Ryan who are busy launching a pair of very attractive looking Android devices.  Tim gave us demos of their 8″ and 10” models and we came away impressed.  It looks like the folks at Minno have done their homework and are in the midst of launching a solution that seems a perfect fit for K-12 schools.

Not only will these tablets be available at at very attractive price ($199 for the 8 inch tablet) but client’s tablets will also come pre-bundled with a large suite of software specifically aimed at K-12 students.  We’ve seen a lot of districts purchase mobile hardware in the past and then proceed to struggle to find practical applications for the devices, Minno believes they’ve solved this pain point.

Minno tablets will ready to go out of the box to start being used in the classroom with a rich variety of K-12 software solutions.  They will also enjoy fully access to the Google Play Store, allowing schools to install additional software over time and stay up to date.

Minno starts shipping this week!