This week I am in Orlando, Florida with fellow Media-Xer’s Robert McGregor and Marc Moretti at the FETC 2013 show. We are in booth 506, right near the front of the hall behind the Global Scholar booth.

We’ve had folks drop by the booth from Broward and Brevard Counties in Florida, along with out of state educators from Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, and Georgia. We have also talked to technology leaders from Jamaica and teachers from Montreal. It’s been an exciting start and we’ve only been on the floor for a few hours.

The fact that we give away three different kinds of Toblerone chocolates, might be a factor. Or it could be our spiffy golf shirts – or our translucent blue and green pens. Maybe our good looking staff????

Marc wows FETC delegates with our multi-purpose pens/markers. After the floor closes he is off to do a show at Universal Studios.

Of course, it might also be an interest in our featured products, eWalk, eWalkPLUS and iCare.

There is particular interest in the use of eWalk for tracking Common Core State Standards. Media-X is currently adding a set of checklists that allow any eWalk author to  add checklists that cover all the Common Core State Standards for English and Mathematics. This lets the observer simply check off those standards that were seen as part of an observation.

Even more exciting, is using eWalk for student assessment of the Common Core standards. This can be used with our current PeopleList feature in eWalk, or in our upcoming release of eWalkPLUS with streamlines student tracking (or f0r tracking for any other identified group of people). It is ideal for tracking such things as mastery of curriculum standards or behavioral issues. It lets you take an existing eWalk template and use it to check off or rate items with a group of students or staff.

We are also showing the latest version of iCare at FETC. This app, a partnership with 3D-ED in Kansas, helps students self-report on bullying incidents and difficulties that they or their friends may be facing. It provides an anonymous, secure messaging system, and categorizes each incoming report so that school safety officers, or other administrators, can quickly categorize and deal with issues. It also provides a way to identify and encourage positive behaviors and gives students an easy method of reporting these right from a student’s smartphone.

Watch for more pictures and posts from FETC 2013 in Sunny Florida!

Marc and I in our booth (506) at FETC. Come and visit us before all the goodies are gone! (Toblerone candies and translucent pens are in high demand…)