One of the best kept secrets and most powerful features of eWalk is the amazing ways that you can use it as a way to communicate with and work with others. You may have discovered some of these features on your own, but I can promise that there are some hidden gems that will be new to you below!

Emailing Reports

eWalk gives you a really easy way to add a cover page to your reports. When you run a report, you’ll be given the option of choose the template and date range, at the base of this window you will find an option for [ ] Add cover page.


Checking this option off will automatically give you an additional page to your report with the full details of all the setting, filters and options that were chosen when you ran the report. This is extermely handy if you find yourself running different versions of the same report for comparison or archiving purposes.

Keeping track of your emailed walkthroughs

If you are in the habit of frequently emailing out your completed walkthroughs, you might find yourself wondering, “Have I already sent this before?” No worries, we have you covered. eWalk automatically keeps track of your walkthrough email activities. Just glance over to the email column when you are viewing your walkthroughs. A big green checkmark means you’ve previously email a walkthrough once before.

Saving Reports

We understand that a lot of our users are often running the same reports each month to view their eWalk progress. This is why we’ve added the ability to save your favorite report settings, but did you know that this can be used as a communications tool as well? Here’s what you do:

Run any of reports from eWalk’s reporting suite.

  • Choose the settings and filters that show you exactly the data you want to aggregate.
  • Below the report filter options, you will find an option to “Save Report As”. Type in a name for your saved report and click the “Save Report As” button.
  • You will now find this report available to your under the “My Reports” section available in the reporting suite.

Now here’s the best part:

Any of your saved reports have the ability to be shared! That’s right! Just click the share icon beside your saved report and instantly share it with any staff member or site you normally have access to. Use this tool to give your team access to exactly the right data views that they need. Simple and powerful.

Stay tuned for more eWalk secrets coming up soon!