EQUIP (Electronic Quality of Inquiry Protocol)

Overview: The EQUIP instrument is designed to measure the quantity and quality of inquiry instruction being facilitated in K-12 math and science classrooms. The instrument does not seek to measure all forms of quality instruction–only those that are inquiry-based in nature. Instrument contains 19 specific indicators within 4 domains (curriculum, instruction, discourse, assessment) that are tied to student achievement.
Book tied directly to EQUIP: Succeeding with Inquiry in Math and Science Classrooms
Applicable for K-12 classrooms (primarily in math and science classrooms)
Aligned with current education/curriculum reforms (e.g. Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, …). Note that inquiry is a broad concept that also includes PBLs, Project-based learning, problem-based learning, and more student centered learning practices
Typical EQUIP uses: coaching, Professional Development, Monitor school and/or teacher growth
Webinar providing overview of Book/instrument: http://www.clemson.edu/education/inquiry-in-motion/research-evaluation/equip.html
Marketing: This is a more granular focus than TIPS
Resources: EQUIP, book, webinar (currently one available on the IIM website, but I would like to create a more concise one for marketing), training videos (currently available with detailed analysis keys—not sure how best to tie these in with your iCoach system), consulting/professional development (uniquely adapted for each client). Note: it may make sense to have the complete EQUIP and an abbreviated EQUIP. The complete EQUIP would contain many nuances at researchers are interested in exploring while the abbreviated EQUIP would be more streamlined to focus only on the 19 indicators and the 5 overall summative scores. The abbreviated will be most appealing to teachers, coaches and instructional leaders. Finally, we currently have an EQUIP app at the Apple Store that is linked to a database at Clemson. If we can come to an agreement, then I would likely shut this app down and replace it with your resources.

EQUIP blurb: EQUIP (Electronic Quality of Inquiry Protocol) — a reliable, valid measure of inquiry instruction being facilitated in K-12 math and science classrooms.

The best link for EQUIP resources is: http://www.clemson.edu/education/inquiry-in-motion/research-evaluation/equip.html

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