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Getting Started

This document will guide you through the process of getting started with the EmpowerED’s Suite of tools

The EmpowerED Suite is accessed through the web-based platform known as mxWeb. our web-based platform. The EmpowerED log-in page is located at the following link:

Simply enter your log-in information and you will be granted access to the EmpowerED Suite.


The Power Walkthrough Overview

The Power Walkthrough application is the heart of the EmpowerED system and includes tools and protocols designed to enhance professional dialogue with teachers based on walkthrough data and lesson observations.


Power Walkthrough Templates are user-defned data input patterns used to, interestingly enough, collect data. They can be compared to questionnaires, to which answers must be supplied, or to forms that must be filled. Each time a question, known as an “element” within Power Walkthrough, is answered, data is supplied and collected.

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An example of a Power Walkthrough Template

Power Walkthrough comes with a signature, built-in template known as the McREL Walkthrough template. Using thorough research and the fundamentals showcased in the best selling book, Classroom Instruction that Works, McREL has created this template to enable users to conduct the most effective classroom walkthroughs.



For other needs, custom templates can easily be created with this system, providing an immense amount of flexibility.



Creating a Template

Within the main menu of Power Walkthrough, maneuver the mouse over to the right side of the screen and click on the ‘Build’ pulldown. Within this pulldown menu, the first option is entitled ‘Templates’ – click on this to open the ‘Template Editor’.

Once in the ‘Template Editor’, click the ‘New’ button in the top left corner, directly beneath the ‘Templates’ tab. Enter a name for the template and select the type of employee your observations will be targeting.

There are four buttons directly beneath the top header of the Template Editor:

  • ‘Save’, which you will need to click in order to save your template;
  • ‘Share’ to share this template with another user;
  • ‘Preview’ to see what it will look like upon completion and;
  • ‘Clean Template’, this button will remove all of your completed walkthroughs and collected data attached to this template (it is recommended that this button only be used when testing a template).

If there is a need to attach an external document or fle to a template, click on the box beside ‘Allow File Attachment’ to the walkthrough under ‘General Settings’. If you need to run a report that cannot be created using one of Power Walkthrough’s standard reports, you can have Media-X create a custom report for you. You can then link your custom report by clicking the ‘Select Custom Report’ box.

Performing a Walkthrough

There are many different names for this process, classroom walkthroughs and classroom observations are the two most popular titles in North America, and learning walks in Britain. Power Walkthrough allows administrators to perform a walkthrough, via the web or via the iOS app.

On the Web

To perform a walkthrough without using the Power Walkthrough mobile App, open EmpowerED (Power Walkthrough) through mxWeb. In the main menu of Power Walkthrough, select ‘Manage’ and then ‘Views’.

Under ‘Category’ on the left hand side of the page, select ‘Walkthroughs’ and a window will appear on the right.

In the toolbar of this new window, click on ‘New’.

This will open another new window with a list of options for the walkthrough. First, click on the template that will be used in the walkthrough (this will have been a Power Walkthrough Template that was previously created). Select the employee being observed under ‘Subject’ and fnally, name this walkthrough. Click ‘Create’ to finalize the creation of the walkthrough.

The first thing to do to perform a walkthrough is to select the grade and subject as it relates to the teacher being observed. Adjust the start time if incorrect, and begin the walkthrough.

Answer the questions posed in the walkthrough template. When the walkthrough is complete, scroll back to the top and select the ‘Now’ button next to ‘End Time’ to properly add the time the walkthrough was finished.

Click ‘Save & Done’ at the top of the page to finalize the completion of the walkthrough.

Performing a Walkthrough with the Power Walkthrough App

The Power Walkthrough App for the iOS mobile operating system provides the simplest and most practical source to input data from a walkthrough. With an iOS device (iPad, iPhone), load the App and log into your mxWeb account using your log-in information. Then select the template you wish to conduct the observation with.

For a More Detailed Explanation:

  • Click ‘New Walkthrough’
  • Scroll down the list that appears, and select a custom-made Template that has been created by the user. Everything is in alphabetical order, and depending on whether or not flters have been used, in sections corresponding to the focus of the walkthrough (i.e. No-subjects walkthrough, teacher walkthroughs etc.)
  • If it is an employee specifc observation, then select the employee that is to be focused on.
  • Finally, users can choose their institution

The order the elements are displayed on the walkthrough template is in the same order that the user will have put them in with the editor. If they are not in the right place, then users can simply return to the editor on their personal computer and make the necessary adjustments.

Inputting data is easy here, just perform your observation and fll out each of the questions posed. If a note pad has been enabled for some of the elements, then users can feel free to make notes for further analysis.

When users are fnished with their observation, and all of the questions posed have been answered or marked as ‘Not observed’, the next step is to click on the left pointing arrow at the top of the screen.

All of the results from the walkthrough will have been automatically saved to the App. Users can now return to the main menu of the App and click on the ‘Manage’ icon to view all of the recent walkthroughs. Even walkthroughs that were incomplete will be visible in this list.

Viewing Walkthrough Reports

To view the results of a completed walkthrough on the web, the user must return to the main menu of Power Walkthrough and select ‘Reports’.

In this section, the user can select the type of report they would like to view from the list. After the type of report has been selected, the following step will have the user select the template they would like to see this particular report for. After selecting the correct template from the correct school(s), users simply have to select ‘Submit’ in order to view the entire report.


EmpowerED Coaching Overview

The Coaching (currently called iCoach) module bestows instructional coaches and teacher mentors the protocols and tools for engaging in professional dialogue with teachers, using the data from the lesson observation template. This Coaching Module can stand alone, but also acts as an enhancement to Power Walkthrough, in that it allows video to be added to walkthrough reports. Furthermore, templates created within Power Walkthrough can be attached to individual videos uploaded to the coaching module for review. These programs work hand in hand within the EmpowerED Suite.

Uploading a Video

This is a simple process that is started by selecting the Videos button in the top toolbar menu of the iCoach coaching module.

On this page, select the Add Video button in the top right hand corner to access the file explorer on your computer. Find the video on your hard drive that you would like to upload, and click on it. After a moment, your video will be added to your personal video library.

Create folders to organize your videos by creating a folder name in the ‘Folder’s name’ entry bar on the left and selecting the + icon. To place your video into this specific folder, or any folder for that matter, select the folder button (colored orange) beneath the video and select the folder you would like to move it to, in the list that pops up.


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