Classroom Walkthrough and Evaluation System



Completely customize your walkthroughs the way you want


Use Your Frameworks

Recreate your observation framework or classroom observation forms with this system


Increase PD

Utilize the detailed data from this system to improve your staff development programs

Increase The Effectiveness of Your Teachers
With The Use of eWalk’s Analytical Output

eWalk’s richly detailed reports enable observers to clearly acknowledge the positives and negatives of an educators’s teaching style, allowing emphasis on the strengths and guidance on the perceived weaknesses. Furthermore, the data from these informal observations is invaluable in the formal evaluation process.


A Completely Web-Based System


There is no need to install anything on your computer, eWalk is completely contained within your internet browser.
Simply log in and use it.



Enhance eWalk Even Further
with the iPad App


Leave the bulky laptop on your desk and conduct your walkthroughs with the eWalk Mobile Application.

  • Perform “offline” walkthroughs and upload your data when you are back on Wifi
  • With the iPad’s microphone, utilize eWalk’s Voice Dictation ability to make notes, interview students and teachers, etc. The options are aplenty
  • Using the iPad’s native camera, take pictures during your walkthrough and add them to your form. Additionally, if you have iCoach, attaching video to your walkthroughs becomes a valuable reality


Rubric on iPad

eWalk has been the vehicle by which we have transformed the culture of our school

Dr. Sean Kelly

Principal, Douglas County School District

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