Once again, Media-X will be providing gifts this Christmas to a needy family for the 2014 Christmas Hamper.

Tomorrow morning (December 24th) the Media-X Santa Claus will be visiting this family of 7, 6 of whom are children, to share a bounty of presents donated by each employee.

IMG_0779The Christmas Hamper program is something we have been contributing to for over 10 years (see this classic article: https://www.media-x.com/2012/12/media-x-staff-help-to-make-a-needy-familys-christmas-very-merry/). It is one of the many things we do to assist our community and improve the quality of life for some of the more unfortunate locals. It also provides us with a great amount of happiness to see the smiles on the faces of these families when we knock on their doors. What more can you ask for!

There will be a lot of Barbies and Cars heading to these kids, oh, plus diapers and other necessities for infant twins. That’s right, baby twins. So our Santa isn’t just providing ‘fun’ things, as newborn infants don’t really like barbies.

The one thing toys and diapers don’t provide is full stomachs, they would be very unhealthy. Therefore, along with our gift offerings, we will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to fill everyones bellies.

It’s just our way of spreading some holiday cheer.

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