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The leaves are gone, the temperature is dropping, it gets dark at 4:30pm, the employees of Media-X are beginning to look like the cast of Magnum PI… That’s right, it must be November!

With November comes our responsibility and privilege to grow the best moustache we can possibly grow.  Not all of us can pull off a legendary Tom Selleck ‘stache, in fact some of us look like full on serial killers when we don’t shave our upper lip. But it’s not about the quality, its about the cause.

Movember is an event that takes place every November where men are encouraged to grow moustaches in order to raise money for men’s health. This includes Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer research.

All of us have our reasons for participating in this great cause.  QA specialist Rob Campbell and I have had to endure the horrible experience of watching our fathers battle prostate cancer.  Luckily they both beat it and are each doing very well, but many cannot say the same.


“Media-X will match every dollar raised”


Media-X President Steve Moretti is very passionate about Movember, “We always participate because its such a great cause and these issues can’t be ignored”. He  wants us to beat our fundraising record and hit at least $500 this year.  As always, Media-X will match every dollar raised.

Most of our wives do not like our moustaches, but they are accepting of them as long as we are raising money.  So please, help us keep them happy and donate today!

The link to our Movember page is posted below, and our “Movember Pledge” from all participating men at Media-X is available to watch there too.

If you would like more information on Movember, please visit and donate to our team, or any team for that matter!

Thank you for helping to support this cause, and without further adieu, here is our “Movember Pledge”:

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