Media-X is exhibiting at the Canadian ECOO conference in Niagara falls this week. As I took an early morning stroll to view the falls, I watched the ‘Hornblower’ boat tour loaded with observers (formerly the ‘Maid of the Mist’) make its way to the base of the falls.  There is so much to see in the brief time the boat stays in the mist, and it is not unlike viewing a classroom.

I imagined each of those observers recording what they see with eWalk.  Some would record how many birds they could see flying about in the mist while others would not even notice them. And while some were timing how long it took a piece of debris to plunge to the bottom of the falls, others would never think to record it. Did anyone record that there was a  rainbow when the sun broke through the clouds ( I have a video of it), and did the commentator explain how much water flows over the brink per minute ? And what about differentiation since people come here from all over the world ?  How many different languages were spoken by those on the boat, and were they all accommodated by the commentator?

There was so much to record and only about 5 minutes to do it – much like a walkthrough!  The 3 year MET study funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, stressed the importance of multiple observers when observing teaching, and my visit to this spectacular view certainly reinforced the idea of multiple observers.

viewthrough conversion