Flipped learning is taking the world by storm.  It completely changes the classroom dynamic for the first time in the past 100 years, and people are beginning to really focus on this technique.

In simple terms, flipped classrooms, flipped learning, blended learning or however you typically refer to it, is the process of a teacher filming themselves conducting a lesson.  The resulting video is then made available to the students of this particular teacher’s class via the internet, which these students will view at their homes.  Instead of having the teacher give lectures in class, their time can be devoted to helping the students apply the lessons learned at home into the exercises that previously would have been assigned as homework.

The lessons become the homework, the homework becomes classwork.

Many people have already seen the positive results of this teaching style.  It gives the students more interaction time with their teacher, something that is extremely beneficial.  Another big advantage of this is that it can be done while still following the curriculum.  More information on flipped learning can be found in Paul Shuster’s article.

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Flipforlearning.com is perfect for all of your flipped classroom needs.


Alternatively, teachers can post videos of their lessons with the sole purpose of tutoring other students around the world. The lesson is given via the video, and all the uploader needs to do is tag it with specific keywords in order to let students from around the world find it.

If you are interested in flipped learning and would like to get started right away, simply register by clicking on the “Educator Sign-up” button at flipforlearning.com.  There is no cost involved to upload videos, it is free.  Registration is as simple as filling out the boxes with your information, which will set up your profile.

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A quick profile I made. This is what the profile view looks like when empty.

The screenshot above displays what your profile page will look like immediately after filling out your information.  Once you too see this page, you can officially begin uploading your videos.  The next step is to provide your students with the educator code that is given to you immediately after your profile has been created.  Students are also able to sign up for free, as long as they have your educator code.  You will begin to see your students appear on your student list, once they have signed up.  You can also see when they last signed in, and other important data to be sure that your students are receiving your content.

Its a pretty simple system to use with a lot of benefits.  And did we mention its free?  Try it out today.

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