iCoach is almost ready for its grand release, and we are getting excited.  Earlier this month at the ISTE conference in Atlanta, we had a lot of interest in iCoach as people are really responding to this exciting new program.

Some of our clients have already received the chance to use iCoach, and to those select few, you will notice some huge changes soon.  Based on some amazing initial feedback, we have improved everything from the interface to its ease of use.

A quick iCoach summary for those of you new to it, iCoach is a full featured private video-based coaching system for teachers.  Teachers will film themselves doing a lesson in their class, then they will upload the footage to iCoach.  Since the top resource available to teachers is other teachers, the user can invite any other teacher or teaching coach they desire to review their videos and provide guidance, constructive criticisms or praise on their teaching styles.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.25.03 PM

Have a look at our infographic, which is loaded with tips for using video for professional feedback

One tool that has become very useful when it comes to filming yourself teaching, is a device known as Swivl.  Some of you are already familiar to this device that is able to track your movement, and move when you move via censors.  It is made specifically for the camera on your smartphone, which is mounted on the top of the device and connected via the Swivl app.

I was unfamiliar with Swivl before, but recently I had the chance to try one out.  It’s pretty neat. It is too bad we didn’t think of it first, because this tool is essentially built for iCoach.

More information on Swivl can be found here



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