We’re entering the 21st century.

You’d think a tech company would be at the forefront of innovation, and we are, don’t get me wrong.  The only area we have yet to touch on is the revolution that has been sweeping the world since the late 90’s:  the ability to allow customers to purchase goods and services online.

Without further delay, the answer is yes, we’re finally adding an online store!

Start filling your carts on June 11th!

That’s right, we’re joining the world of eBay and Amazon with help from the fine people across town at Shopify.

Among the many items available for sale are licenses for our software, including eWalk, iCoach and mVal, pre-built templates and live online training.  More and more items are being added in our lead up to the launch of this new service, so you’ll have to have a look when it becomes live on June 11.

Never before has it been this easy to access everything we have to offer.  Need to renew a license? It’s now just a couple clicks away from happening.

If you would rather talk to a member of our amazing sales team to make a purchase, that’s great!  Nothing is changing in that regard.  You always need the human touch, the store just enhances everything.

Look for this new feature on Media-X.com starting June 11.  For those of you that have read this entire article, you will be getting a bonus!  When the store launches on the 11th, type in this code: MXSTORE to receive 20% off of your next purchase of an eWalk or iCoach license.  This discount expires on June 15, so act quickly!

We’ll be hiding discount codes in select blog articles for the next little while, so be sure to read them all!

The future is bright.

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