A lot of educators haven’t yet realized the amount of useful mobile applications available to them.

The Eduscape Learning New Jersey Summit (Also known as The New Jersey Google Apps Summit), July 15-16 2014, is a two day event highlighting software found in Google Apps that has been created to benefit schools and educators. Attendees will have a chance to interact with the mobile applications, receive some training on how to properly utilize them from Google Certified trainers and hopefully leave with some great ideas to improve their respective school districts.

Twenty workshops will be conducted over the two day event, each one focusing on a specific technique you can utilize with Google Apps to improve your organizational habits, teaching methods, and leadership abilities to vault your students into the 21st century.  Each workshop will be given by the aforementioned Google certified trainers, as well as current school teachers, school administrators and migration specialists.

Media-X will be on hand at the summit to present, provide a workshop for our iCoach and eWalk mobile applications and discuss the news that our products will be integrated with Google.  That’s right, soon, any Media-X client will be able to log into our software and applications by using their Google log-in information.  This enables our users to join Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Calendar, Youtube, G-Mail and others with our advanced teacher observation, coaching and evaluation system.  

Those interested in utilizing new, easy to use resources, as well as receiving first hand training and coaching, should be aware that the quality of knowledge there is to be gained at this event will be invaluable!  Spots are still available for those interested in attending this rapidly approaching summit.

The event is taking place at Smith Middle School in Ramsey, New Jersey, a 45 minute drive from New York City.

For more information, please visit: sites.google.com/site/gappssummitnj/home

We’ll see you there.


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