It was time to inject some new life into this.

This blog needed an overhaul.

Still in its Beta stage, because it takes time to pick a color we can all agree on, all of us at Media-X are once again giving some focus to our blog section.  We see it as a great way to connect with everyone to provide in-depth news, updates and show that we’re regular people too, not soulless drones.

The first thing we wanted to do, other than add more content on a regular basis, was to improve the organization of all the articles.  It had become a little too jumbled for our liking, but that has all changed.

Now you can just read all of our blog articles from newest to oldest, nothing new there, or you can select a category of your liking on the right side of the page.

But that’s not all!

You can select an author of your choice, and read all of their articles.  So let’s say you are on our blog and decide “You know what, I want to read Sean’s articles or Steve’s articles, but definitely not that guy Connor’s articles”, well that is easily doable now and very hurtful.

Wait, couldn’t we do this with the old blog?

To an extent, yes.  Our blog site from a year and a half ago had these two features, but you wouldn’t know this unless you’re some sort of MX Blog veteran.  To these individuals I say, “Thank-you for your continued interest in us!”.

Now to the main point of the article: What can everyone expect from this blog?

You can expect an increased amount of articles, as stated earlier, from a variety of Media-X writers on a wide array of subjects.  Our focus will be on presenting powerfully simple ideas for educators. We’ll look at video-based coaching, classroom walkthroughs, standards-based grading, flipped classrooms, staff evaluation, informal observations and also articles on personal growth and professional development.  There will be beginner tutorials for our products, tips, and so forth.  But it won’t always be strictly business related, not at all. We’re going to be having fun with this as well.

And yes, we are bringing back our much beloved Friday Lunch articles.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of what to expect, so the main thing to do is check back with frequently.

Or, you can save yourself some time and sign-up for our weekly e-mail newsletter, which, among other things, contains the featured blog articles of the week.  The sign-up area is easy to find on the right side of our blog page.

Keep in touch.

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