If you read my introductory blog posting “My First Day Experience with Media-X and the Heartbleed Bug”, you’ll know that I haven’t been with Media-X for long.  I haven’t been assisting in the development of eWalk, which means I don’t have the mind of a developer.  I have nothing to hide here, I’m just an average guy who will be explaining the many functions of eWalk and their ease of use, in the same manner I would want it explained to me.

This will be Part 1 in a series of eWalk knowledge segments that I will be posting to the Media-X blog.

So without further adieu, here is an introduction to eWalk in my terms.

What is eWalk exactly anyway?  I assure you it isn’t a tiny bear-like creature from Star Wars.  No, eWalk is a system created by Media-X that assists school administrators in performing classroom walkthroughs.  The user can create data collection templates for their walkthroughs, upload them to their handheld device and begin to collect data.  The data is then uploaded to the web for your data analysis needs, putting all of your observations into a nice, neat package.

Well, that’s the formal description of eWalk, but I like the informal approach better.   Let me elaborate on what I mean by using a personal experience I always think about when I hear the term ‘classroom walkthroughs’.  Here we go.


Take off your ties, we're taking the informal route

Remove your ties, we’re taking the informal route


When I was in elementary school, I remember the principal occasionally stopping by to check on things in the class.  The principal generally didn’t even have a notepad to write anything down, meaning that they just committed all of their observations to their memory.   Considering the amount of classrooms there were at the school, it must have been difficult to impossible for them to accurately create reports for each teacher.  Furthermore, turning the observations into easily readable and useful data would have been very difficult.

This is where eWalk would have helped out.

Let’s say the principal had eWalk already and wanted to see Mrs. Jones’ performance data for the last 3 years. Instead of rifling through the file cabinet or stacks of paper to hopefully find crudely written, potentially unreliable reports, they could just load up eWalk and there it would be, accurate, organized perfectly and looking great.

I hope this explains what eWalk does in a nutshell.  It is a very useful tool that every school should adopt if the maintenance of your sanity is something that is cared for.

eWalk has a broad list of features and there is a lot more to talk about.  Part 2 of this series will be going over how to create your first template.

Keep checking back for more tips and tutorials right here on Media-X.com.

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