It was supposed to be an easy day. To quote FDR, It ended up being “a date which will live in infamy”.

This was my first day on the job at Media-X Systems, I was getting acquainted with my new position and meeting a lot of great people. The task given to me for the day was to become fully familiar with the company by reading as much as I could on everything we do. Sounds pretty simple for a first day.

That lasted for about an hour.

The news hit hard of a major world wide vulnerability, the largest ever found, affecting two thirds of the internet. It was called the Heartbleed bug. My task of the day was immediately scrapped, as for the time being, it was all hands on deck.

The IT guys did a great job immediately closing any breaches we could have had. I scoured the internet looking for information on the Heartbleed bug, so too did others. Yahoo was affected, Google, and the Canadian Revenue Agency (The Canadian equivalent to the IRS) had to shut down its online operations. That’s a really big deal!


Here is a quick little backstory about me; my last employer was an IT Security consulting firm. It actually felt like I was still there. I was in my element.

The end result was that thanks to the quick action undertaken by the Media-X team, any risk was mitigated as soon as possible. All of the research undertaken on Heartbleed allowed us to verify that after patching everything up, there was no longer a worry that our servers could be breached. You don’t want to say to the users, “everything is fine”, without knowing what you’re talking about.

I finally got my first day orientation, on the second day.

Now I can actually see what it is like to work here and get comfortable. My name is Connor Cleland, and I will be bringing a lot more content to read in the coming weeks. I felt it was appropriate that my first blog be about this subject because, I was able to see how this company responds to major security vulnerabilities as an outsider essentially. I’d say they responded perfectly.

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