Today I’m very excited to get a chance to take you for a tour of one of the biggest innovations in Classroom walkthroughs since the original release of eWalk.  eWalk 2.0 for iPad / iPhone!

While we offer eWalk for Android devices, desktop and Blackberry 10, the iPad is by far our most popular platform for conducting mobile observations on the go. I know that a number of our clients interact with eWalk almost exclusively on the iPad.  They carry it with them everywhere and it simply does everything they need.

We’ve been been very focused over the last two years in trying to speak with as many of our end users as possible and asking you “what would make this an even better experience?“. We were given a challenging list of new features and I’m very proud to say that as of this month, eWalk 2.0 has been released and your wishes are now a reality!

There are too many new features to cover in this post alone but I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of the highlights.

1. Seamless workflow between the cloud and your iPad

Previously, working between the iPad and the web was a one way street. Walkthroughs were gathered on the iPad and uploaded to the web. Once they were removed from your iPad, you could only review them via your web account. This is no longer true. You now have the ability to not only create new walkthroughs but to download any of your previously uploaded walkthroughs back down to the iPad.

How could you use this?

  • Download last year’s walkthroughs for a staff member and have those as a reference point while conducting this year’s observations.
  • Download and make changes to an existing form.
  • Keep a running document that is updated over a period of time.

eWalk 2.0’s new walkthrough listing. Seamlessly upload and download walkthroughs between the web and your iPad.

2. A completely redesigned dashboard

Our dashboard on the iPad has been one of the most popular features and we’ve now made it even better. With a license to eWalkPLUS, it is now possible to build your own dashboards from scratch. You can zero in on a specific time range, template and element and have that data instantly updated and available to you at a moment’s notice!

What else does it do?

  • Support for up to three custom graphs / reports.
  • New pie chart graphics are fully interactive. Pull out segments and spin the chart to get precisely the view you need.
  • Easily change your dashboards on the web using an easy to use dashboard builder.
  • Tap on any dashboard to get a full screen, detailed view of your data.

eWalk 2.0 now features completely customizable dashboards that you can tailor to your specific needs.


Click on any dashboard to get a full screen view of your data.

3. A Brand new Resources Section

We’ve included a brand new section to eWalk 2.0 which has been built according to a list of features our clients have asked for.

What does it offer?

  • Access to online videos to help you and your staff become familiar with eWalk quickly.
  • Free access to our 24/7 support suite.
  • An easy way to search of an answer to a question you might have.
  • Access to additional materials such as books and media dedicated on helping you make the most of your walkthroughs.

Get help, resources or an answer to a quick question in eWalk 2.0’s new resource section.

4. Mobile access to our new Rubric Element

New with eWalk 2.0 is mobile access to our amazing new Rubric Element. Not only are rubrics easy to add to your templates, they are now a pleasure to use on the iPad. After working with clients and getting feedback, we now have an interface that is both beautiful and functional. We are extremely confident that this element type will quickly become the new favourite among our users.

Here’s some of the things you can now look forward to:

  • Any of the popular evaluation frameworks can now be built in eWalk and reproduced elegantly on the iPad.
  • Fluidly scroll through your rubric grids and indicate your choices with a single responsive tap.

eWalk 2.0’s new rubric element make integrating with popular frameworks easier than ever before. This is amazingly simple way to capture dynamic classroom observations.


Brand new to eWalk, we are introducing “History”. This is a new feature which we are very excited about. Here’s how it works:

While conducting a walkthrough, you will notice a new icon beside each element drop down or checklist element. Simply tap it and you will be able to view any results that have been previously entered for the subject. This allows the observer to quickly remind themselves of results entered in previous observations and provide a reference point.

This is also useful for:

  • acting as a guide when speaking with a staff member during a conference.
  • reminding the observer what items should be checked for growth or improvement.

View any previous entries made for any element. Powerful new views of your historical data are now at your fingertips!

eWalk 2.0 is out and available as a free download from iTunes, just follow this link!  If you have any questions, please add them in the comment field below, we’d love to hear from you!

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