Media-X Systems remains dedicated to improving teaching and learning by increasing the ability and ease with which administrators and teacher access their appraisal, observation and student data.

Part of our development efforts this year have been focused on adding new features and functionalities to our mVal Ontario program to support new processes and Ministry reporting requirements.

We have worked with several of our boards to improve your appraisal experience and are very exicted to have many new options for you including:

  • a new module to support the Principal Appraisal Process as defined by the Ministry of Education including all forms and built in language libraries
  • new appraisal section which works with our group system to support your non-teaching staff appraisal processes (Professional Staff, Support Staff, Plant, Managers etc.)
  • new support to electronic signatures on all forms which can trigger form status and facilitate communication  saving you time and money

    Enable electronic signatures in your forms to streamline your approval process

    Enable electronic signatures in your forms to streamline your approval process

  • updated ALP and NTIP Strategy forms with electronic signatures allowing easy access, and the ability to connect to your summative forms
  • new form to support the OT Evaluation

    Occasional Teacher Evaluation

    New occasional teacher evaluation form

We are also continuing development on some larger changes to mVal Ontario which will facilitate enhanced data collection and reporting providing access to all boards to an OnSIS submission tool for the October Report as well as the June submission.

We currently serve over 25 school districts in Ontario, who are using mVal Ontario for TPA and PPA creation, management and reporting.  Special thanks go out to York Region District School Board, and Halton District School Board for support in working with us on new workflow features and Ministry export specifications.

For more information on any of these items please contact Bonnie Homewood at to get started or to upgrade your current feature set.

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