This spring, mxWeb will see its biggest overhaul in over a decade.  A new toolbar and landing page gives mxWeb products a fresh new look as well as added functionality.

MxWeb is the platform that runs eWalk, mVal, eTeacher, and other products.  Its look and feel has remained unchanged for over a decade now.  With the introduction of new products requiring more advanced controls, an improved toolbar was long overdue.

Changes to core interfaces are not taken lightly at Media-X.  The improvements made in the new toolbar and landing page aim to keep controls generally in the same place so they can easily be found.  All the toolbar buttons you are familiar with will remain in the same place and do the same thing, but with a new sleek look.

The most significant changes are seen below in the landing page of mxWeb.



A preview of the mxWeb landing page showing the enhanced toolbar and redesigned product layout.

Immediately after logging in you will be presented with a very different look.  The products are now boldly presented as large tablet-friendly banners, the news is more streamlined, and the toolbar presents a completely revamped look.

As browser technology advances and touch devices proliferate, the interfaces that drive the experience need to change to accommodate this shifting environment.

The tools on the main page have been moved into menu buttons on the toolbar to reduce on-screen clutter and named after the sections in which they previously appeared.  To change your toolbar settings for instance, click on the Tools button, and choose Settings.


All your familiar tools are available within the toolbar menus.

The large circular logo at the beginning of the toolbar will open the main navigation menu.  This replaces the navigation bar found on the original toolbar.


Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 4.21.18 PM

Consistent navigation access from any page.

You will have permanent access to all your products via the My Products sub-menu, and the Go to sub-menu presents the previous product sections. This menu is also where you can logout.


There’s a theme for everyone.

If you find you don’t like the look of the toolbar, you have many options to choose from.  Just as the old toolbar supported four sizes, this new toolbar now supports a wide variety of themes to suit your style or accessibility needs.

Have a longing for things to stay the same but still need to get at the new features?  There’s a theme for that too.  The Classic theme retains the old look almost perfectly while still granting access to all the new features.

The Oversized theme is specifically targeted at poor vision users to provide greater contrast and visibility to all on-screen controls.

Something new for the mxWeb family is keyboard shortcut support.  The landing page now supports keyboard shortcuts which is ideal for administrators or support staff that frequently need to access the same tool.

To jump into your favourite tool just push the keyboard key assigned to it, as detailed below.

Shortcut Tool
P Edit Profile
E Edit Settings
C Comment Builder
U User Manager
L Manage Licenses
S Site Manager
G Group Manager

The new toolbar and landing page can be activated in the Settings tool.  Simply choose one of the themes and save.  To go back to the original toolbar and landing page, just choose one of the four toolbar sizes at the bottom.

As browser technology advances and touch devices proliferate, the interfaces that drive the experience need to change to accommodate this shifting environment.  We hope you like the new look and feel and would like to hear about your experiences with it as we move forward.

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