We have made some large and small changes to our MXWEB  system over the past month.  We closely monitor the use of web and mobile browsers to our system and have watched patterns evolve to include more and more access from tablets, especially iPad. There is also increasing access from Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 10 browser which was released last year.

To ensure compatibility of MXWEB with IE 10 we have updated a number of key functions and pages in the system.  IE10 is the default browser in Windows 8 which some schools and individual educators are starting to use more widely. While a majority of our users log-in using IE 9, Media-X is looking ahead to more support for IE10 which offers new technologies and better standards support. This support will also assist us in taking advantage of everything that HTML5 offers.

Admin users of our eTeacher® for report card production now have more feedback for site imports and added controls to simplify the process as well as a new interface to view the import log. This change has been requested by a number of Ontario districts and we’re pleased it is now available for use as part of the latest update.

more control over your file exports

New eTeacher exporter offers in-process monitoring of exports, the ability to pause an export, and download files mid-process.


Some changes were made to ePrincipal® to better handle and reflect the Progress Report data for the Growing Success Elementary Report in Ontario on the Comparison Report and Student Profiles.

Updated ePrincipal reports

Changes have been made to ePrincipal reports to better reflect the new Growing Success report cards and reporting of the Progress Report.

We also added a slew of new forms, exports and signatures in mVal® for a variety of clients. Many clients in Ontario and other jurisdictions as well, are looking for ways to reduce the printing and storage of teacher appraisal documents. Electronic signature systems are becoming the norm, and we provide full support for this. Different validation rules and authorizations can be implemented through mVal and eWalkPLUS forms.

Please contact info@media-x.com if you require customization of your reports and/or forms.




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