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Classroom Observations and Evaluations


  • World class offline mobile support for all form types on iOS and Android
  • PowerSchool and GoogleApp integration
  • New features including timeline notes, reference sets and dashboards
  • Over 4.5 million classroom observations completed



Video-Based Coaching

  • Combine rubrics or any criteria to each video feedback invitation
  • Invite peers, school leaders, professional coaches to provide feedback
  • Categorize videos according to core standards
  • Record and upload video with the App for iPhones



eWalk, iCoach & Go2.MX Bundled


  • A powerful toolkit for observing, evaluating and generating reports on any aspect of your organization
  • A fantastic value for all of your classroom observation needs!
  • 3 Products in one

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Classroom Observations and Evaluations with McREL’s Research-Based Methodologies

  • Make your informal observations more meaningful and coach teachers to a deeper level of improvement.
  • Focus on proven instructional strategies from McREL’s popular books, Classroom Instruction that Works, 2nd Edition (CITW) and Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, 2nd Edition
  • Collect, analyze, track and report valuable data



Web-Based Report Cards for Ontario


  • Can be configured to handle any custom report card at the district level and can be configured with eWalk
  • Provides a range of intuitive features for completing report cards, from the Ministry of Education, online
  • A “one click” method for generating ONSIS exports
  • Your complete solution to the Ontario Report card



Ontario Teacher and Principal Performance Appraisals


  • Full support is available for summative reports, self-assessments, learning plans, portfolios, improvement plans – and much more
  • Easily customized for all other staff groups as well, including Educational Assistants, Professional Staff, Custodians, Education Support Staff, etc.
  • Create annual growth and performance plan



 Survey Creation Tool


  • Simple to setup
  • Create, customize and deploy your own surveys and forms for your school, district or organization
  • In-depth data analysis
  • No limits on the number of people surveyed
  • Use any of your eWalk® templates as surveys
  • Easily distribute your survey via email
  • Release the power of eWalk with Go2.MX


  • Spend less time grading and more time helping students achieve
  • Easily track student learning goals and proficiency levels
  • Full support for Marzano’s standards-based grading
  • Flexible approach supports traditional final grades
  • Touch friendly interface for tablets and desktops
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