Partnership Models:

  • Re-branding of eWalk or other MxWeb products
  • Using MxWeb technology to enhance partner application
  • Custom development based on MxWeb technologies
  • MxWeb source code licensing
  • Value added reseller, training partner

Partner with us to:

  • Create new, proven products with your corporate brand name
  • Add new functionality to your current product(s) (i.e. Mobile data collection, centralized web-based storage and analysis)
  • Reduce or eliminate technology development risks
  • Add support for multiple platforms with minimal investment
  • Reach new markets


Business Partners


McREL International is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan education research and development corporation.

Marzano Research (MR) is a joint venture between Robert J. Marzano and Solution Tree.

Marshall Educational Solutions provides research-based, classroom-tested assessments, support, consulting designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student success for all.


JK Thomas is a network of practicing leaders in education; authors, researchers, speakers, consultants and service providers to K-12 education.


Colleagues on Call provides training and workshops in designing powerful learning tasks. Their Look 2 Learning protocol is the basis of the ASCD best seller, 17,000 Classrooms Can’t Be Wrong.

PowerSchool is the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system, supporting 12 million students in all 50 states and over 65 countries.

Howard Pitler, Ed.D. is an international speaker, coach, and facilitator with a passion for improving education for all learners.




National Training Network (NTN) is a professional development company specializing in training, on-going coaching, and support to mathematics teachers of emerging learners in grade 3 through algebra.

Learning Keys

Learning Keys works with superintendents, principals, curriculum directors and teachers to mobilize the right curriculum, instruction and assessment tools to dramatically improve student performance and outperform state standards.

OnHand Schools provides software and training solutions for K-12 educators. Our EdInsight Instructional Management System is a fully integrated suite of software tools to support teachers and administrators using data driven instruction to improve student achievement.

Zezza Curley is an educational consulting company focused on school improvement in career and technical education (CTE) institutions. ZCA creates custom solutions for CTE teacher and principal effectiveness, including school and program specific walkthroughs, evaluations and assessments.




Cameo Education is the UK and international distributor of Media-X products and services. Based in Brighton, England, Cameo works closely with UK elementary and secondary schools, as well as universities and colleges. Cameo also works as the lead with our international partners.

InfoMentor is a professional group of teachers, headteachers, parents and techies in 6 different countries. They provide simple solutions to everyday problems that crop up in education life.

The professionals of Mind Streams Education have served both public and private schools nationwide for over thirty years.  We believe that the key to educational excellence lies in enhancing the quality of teaching practices and in supporting dedicated teachers and administrators in their work.

McREL International is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan education research and development corporation.

MySchool is used daily by schools around the world. Our clients range from small niche schools with 20 students to transnational networks with over 27,000 students.

GrupoMeta Education Consulting, uses world class products localized with a thorough understanding of the needs of Chile and Peru.

Marzano Research (MR) is a joint venture between Robert J. Marzano and Solution Tree.

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