Exceptional Software Options from Our Partners

Due to their exceptional abilities, Media-X has
handpicked the following products to join our software lineup:

School Administration Simplified

  • From student attendance to invoicing – everything packaged in one powerful application
  • Easy to use, only minimal training required
  • MySchool can be configured to meet your specific needs

The World’s Number One
Online Homework Solution

  • Improves student engagement by 90%
  • Assign homework and assignments, which can be “handed-in” via Show My Homework
  • Create auto-marked quizzes which students can complete online
  • Parents are allowed access to keep up-to-date with their child’s assigned school tasks

Conduct Observations with McREL’s Research-Based Strategies

  • Designed to help teachers, coaches and school leaders have rich collaborative conversations about instructional strategies and professional practices in the classroom
  • Make your informal observations more meaningful and coach teachers to a deeper level of improvement
  • Built on McREL’s research-based strategies of Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Edition)


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