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Take Student Achievement to New Heights
with The Marzano Standards-Based Gradebook

The Marzano Standards-Based Gradebook is a new form of grading software for teachers from Media-X and Marzano Research. Unlike other types of teacher grade book software, this solution provides additional capabilities designed for assessment environments by applying Dr. Robert Marzano’s Standards-Based Grading approach.

Full Support for Flexible Grading Methods

If standards-based grading is not something you want to implement, the Marzano Gradebook offers the flexibility to support your traditional grading methods.

Out-of-the-Box State Approved Standards

Your required State, Common Core or District standards can be implemented into the Marzano Gradebook and ready for your use on day one.


Forecast Student Grades with Power Law


Unique to the Marzano Standards-Based Gradebook is the ability to predict a student’s grade with the Power Law feature. Power Law represents just how a student has improved over time, how they are forecasted to perform in the future and is much more indicative of a student’s achievement level than a traditional grade.



Interactive Calendar


Stay organized with the Marzano Gradebook’s calendar. See all scheduled assignments, tests and other important events quickly with this easy to use calendar function.




Customizable Report Cards


You can customize the look and feel of your report card to suit your needs. When your report card needs to be sent out, the Gradebook will convert it into a PDF allowing you to easily print or email it.



A Completely Web-Based System


Your data is stored safely and securely in the Cloud with this online gradebook software. There is no need to install anything on your computer, as the Marzano Standards-Based Gradebook is completely contained within your internet browser.


Simply log in and use it.



Parent and Student Access


Parents and students can keep up to date on grades with easy access to the Gradebook. Furthermore, using the Gradebook’s Power Law capability, parents can view their child’s predicted marks for the rest of the school semester.


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