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Video Capabilities of iCoach

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What is iCoach?


iCoach is a private video-based system for instructional coaching and peer feedback. It allows educators to upload video of their teaching practices and invite feedback from peers or coaches.

This system can work on its own, but its features are substantially enhanced when added to an eWalk account.

Adding iCoach to eWalk enables you to:

Attach video to your eWalk observations as further documentation of viewed behavior.


Use video evidence to specifically point out viewed teaching behaviors during the discussion process with your observed educator.

Create templates with eWalk and use them in iCoach.


Attach any template created with eWalk to an iCoach review enabling peers to align their feedback to professional frameworks, standards, rubrics or other criteria.

Observe, collect data and give feedback without visiting the classroom.


If you find you are unable to visit a classroom during a specific time, simply have your teacher film a portion of their teaching practices with their smartphone. The video can be uploaded to iCoach and attached to an observation template within eWalk for your review.

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