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Go2.MX is an online survey tool that allows you to quickly deploy powerful surveys in minutes.

Go2.MX makes surveys easy.


Take eWalk further than ever before with Go2.MX. Go2.MX allows you to launch any eWalk template as a stand-alone survey tool. Choose the template and the survey date range and Go2.MX will automatically generate a weblink and QR code, allowing you to easily distribute your survey via email or printed poster.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can take my survey?

No! There are no limits on the number of people who you distribute your survey to.

Release the power of eWalk with Go2.MX. Use any of your eWalk templates as surveys that can be easily distributed to anyone.

Create, customize and deploy your own surveys and forms for your school, district or organization with a few clicks.

Since it works with eWalk, you can quickly turn any eWalk template into a survey, with easy features for customizing responses, follow-up pages, etc.

Go2.MX is ideal for school districts as data from system-wide surveys can be automatically saved by school.

Go2.MX provides built-in support for mobile web browsers, and also features a built-in short URL code and QR code for each survey.

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