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eWalk is a Web-Based Teacher Evaluation
& Classroom Observation System

√ Upload Nearly Any Observation Form or Framework
√ Powerful Reporting Functions
√ Collect Data with an iPad or Any Device with a Web-Browser
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Focus on Observing
Great Teaching.


Not Taking Notes.

eWalk provided me with the ability to create personalized data collection templates. I could build elements that streamlined the data gathering process focusing on information that was important to our school. I could spend more time observing teachers and students and less time looking at what I was writing. I began to see and hear more of what was happening in class because I was not focused on taking notes.

Dr. Sean Kelly

Principal, Chapel Hill High School, Georgia

eWalk Vastly Strengthens
Any Professional Development Strategy

Conducting proper classroom observations is the essential base to any successful professional development plan. With eWalk, utilize a pre-created, or custom-made observation form to easily target specific teaching behaviors, also known affectionately as “Look-Fors”. eWalk creates opportunities for effective dialogue to take place between Administrators, Principals and Teachers by offering detailed reports of observed behavior.

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With eWalk, You Can:

Provide instant feedback.


eWalk allows you to provide your teachers with much-needed, immediate feedback when the observation is concluded. Nobody likes to wait!

Fully customize your observations.


Why would you use an observation template that does not conform to your classroom observation strategy? Create the exact template you need with this software and fulfil your goals. That’s the true power of eWalk.

Eliminate the paperwork.


Eliminate the organizational issues surrounding observation data. eWalk cleans up the process by organizing and storing all of your data to efficiently provide you with what you need to know, when.

ewalk classroom observation

Avoid having to install anything on your computer. eWalk is a completely web-based system.


Your data is stored safely and securely in the Cloud. There is no need to install anything on your computer as eWalk is completely contained within your internet browser.

Simply log in and use it.

Increase the effectiveness of your teachers
with the use of eWalk’s analytical output.

ewalk classroom observation statistics

Choose the statistics you want to see.

See the observation data for individual, groups or the entire faculty of teachers. View the compiled data for a specific day, or for the entire school year if you choose. eWalk’s reporting feature allows you to see only the data you need.

Print your reports or send them via email.

If you need to share your observation reports with colleagues, eWalk makes this simple. A quick click will take care of your sharing needs.

Conduct observations without the need for WiFi with the offline capabilities of eWalk’s mobile application.


The eWalk mobile application for iOS and Android allows classroom observations to be conducted offline. This is ideal for schools without full or dependable WiFi coverage allowing you to complete your observations conveniently. Learn more about the app via this link.

Utilize an easy-to-use system.


eWalk was designed intuitively in order for you to get started quickly. Should you ever find that you need assistance with building your own custom classroom observation template, we can help to show you how easy it can be!

Quickly and easily add video evidence to your observations with the iCoach add-on.


Add iCoach to your eWalk license for the ability to incorporate video into your classroom observations. iCoach also greatly assists with peer mentoring and coaching. Learn more by selecting this link.

Experience amazing technical support.


If you find that you require some assistance with eWalk, our dedicated staff will help you with all aspects of the system including training and ongoing support.

See why it’s trusted by thousands of satisfied users.


Join the Thousands who use eWalk every day. Over 4 million classroom observations have been conducted with eWalk.

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I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to show us the many template options available and walking us through the process. I believe we made an excellent choice in selecting eWalk and that this system will have the capacity to help us design the right monitoring tools and generate the reports we need.

Christy Baxter

Nevada Department of Education

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